Saturday, October 15, 2011

chocolate chip cookies

It’s not like I haven’t cooked anything the past…. 5 months. I have. I made risotto and pizzas and pasta, I also made a trams, which I thought would be a complete failure, but in the end everybody ate… I just didn’t have the right mood, the right pictures or the time I needed. So here I am, once again with these chocolate chip cookies, which was I think the first desert I ever made. I even have numbers next to the list of ingredients, guiding me what to put in my mixing bowl first and what to add later on. That’s right, I was that when I started baking my first cookies. But they are so simple and so tasty. I have to admit, I prefer eating the batter than baking them, but I can hear my mom’s voice instructing me not to eat raw eggs, because I am about to catch a disease that will put me to bed for I don’t know how long! It’s still good. And I don’t blame her, she is not that familiar with the cookie dough movement. Anyways, enough with my talking… start baking people, because these feelgood cookies will keep you company this weekend. And on Monday you can go back to your hectic program and full time workout at the gym… but until then, dig yourselves in a bowl of chocolate chip cookies and enjoy your weekend. Feels good to be back. enjoy. xx*