Wednesday, May 22, 2013

banoffee to get you out of (almost) everything

So, yes I have been a lazy blogger. But I decided to spend my days consuming food – and then hitting the gym and running on the treadmill until I reach the level of almost passing out. After all, I don’t think anyone can say that they prefer being served delicious cakes to being the one that bakes them and cleans up the kitchen afterwards.
Since it’s almost summer, and the temperature is above the levels it should be, I went for a recipe that requires almost no heat, and no baking whatsoever.
I have always been the one to declare that I hate fruit in my desert. I love fruit in general, just not mixed with sugar. That was until I decided to try out a banoffee recipe I found online. You simply must try this. I have become a pro at making banoffees, I make them for birthdays and as a thank you gesture and as a you’re a great friend, have some desert gesture. Banoffee is the desert that takes you out of almost any situation you get yourself into.
Try it out. Forget about the calories. Life is too short to care about calories.