Sunday, June 24, 2012

church cake

Every Saturday I go to church. I am Christian, haven’t I told you? Well, we all gather and have some coffee before we get started with singing and studying. This Saturday it was my turn to do the baking. And even though it’s super hot outside, I went for chocolate. It’s for the kids, the kids at the church always love chocolate. I do too. This recipe comes from the long gone years of my childhood. Every single birthday party, mine or a friend’s, had to have that cake in the menu. I think it’s one of the cakes I have baked the most, but for some reason I haven’t shared the recipe with you until now. Yes, I waited until it got 40’C to share with you a chocolate cake recipe. This is what you call a sweet tooth. Hopefully I will produce much more delicious food this month. I know I have left stress free, relaxing and seriously soul healing cooking behind, but it’s about time I changed my schedule and daily routine and baked some more. 
Enjoy! xx*